Release – version 1.4.6

Change events

Update to the change events system which will allow Fundipedia field data to be automatically changed based on other field value changes and rules you configure.

See our change events help articles for more information.

Enhancements to variations

  • New combined view and edit all options available on form layouts. An administrator can configure which variation is displayed by default. The order that variations appear can now be changed by a system user.
  • New Country variation extension has been added which appends the country ISO country code to the field name
  • You can now make a variation extension inactive but still report on it with a default value
  • Variation fields can now be viewed all together (in a single delimited list) in a report direct out of Fundipedia.

See our field variations help articles for more information.

Import history

  • See a history of all bulk imports successfully/unsuccessfully loaded into Fundipedia
  • View the changeset of each import
  • Download the file used for the import
  • Administrators can view all history. General users can only see their own import history.
If a user is authenticating via single sign-on and has no access to Fundipedia, the user will be added to the system and given the base ‘users’ group access. This is configurable.
A new field access point has been added for ‘Owner’, this allows a security group to be given ownership of a field which is then visible on the field tooltip.
Extra caching has been added to improvement performance.
A general refresh of the user interface including new top menu icons, new font, and resizing of elements.