Release – version 1.4.7

Enhancements to document management

  • New centralised document centre
  • You can now upload documents not associated to an object
  • Documents can be versioned via the approval process
Enhancements to the Benchmark object

  • This includes new relationship objects between Fund, Share Class and Sub Funds as well as a new object to allow Benchmarks to relate to themselves.
Dashboards (beta)

Three configured admin dashboards:

  • Approval count
  • Approval turnaround time
  • Fund completeness
Allow duplicate relationships

Administrators can now configure whether many-to-many relationships can be duplicated via the admin settings. For example, the same fund manager can be added to the same fund record more than once. This is useful if a fund manager has more than one role on a fund.

This is available for the following relationships:

  • Fund Manager
  • Fund Instruments
  • Fund Benchmarks
  • Share class Benchmarks
  • Sub Fund Benchmarks
Improved user interface, including fresher icons on left-hand side menus and save buttons have been moved to the top of edit screens.