Release – version 1.4.8

User interface language translations

  • The user interface is changed based on the language they wish to view. The selection is saved on the user record and is maintained for future sessions.
  • Initially Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Korean and Thai languages will be available for selection. Please speak to us to add additional languages.
API Enhancements

  • Allow end users to filter records via the API: more details.
  • ‘Date last updated’ field added to all objects which can also be filtered on.
HTML Data Type

  • A new HTML data type is available for selection on the Fundipedia system when creating a new field.
  • Users can enter basic HTML markup via a rich text editor.
Visible Fundipedia roadmap

  • A new button will be visible to all users to make a new Fundipedia feature suggestion.
  • Up-vote features under consideration and to help us decide what to work on next.
  • See what features are actively being worked on and likely completion dates.
Report download fails when the casing of the field name and display name is the same but in a different case.
Change events for populating a multi-lookup value does not generate the correct approval request.
The link to share letter/share type from a share class record has been fixed.
Entity lookup support added for Domicile field on share class. This will allow the correct information to be displayed in the page title breadcrumb.
In circumstances where an optional relationship exists between entities (e.g. Umbrella and Fund), non-admin users do not get results returned where there is no parent – even if these users do have permission to the entity. The report builder has been improved so these records are returned for the user.
An updated Fundipedia logo has been added to the system as well as some minor user interface enhancements.