Document API enhancement

  • Enhancements to the API to allow users to manage tags and categories assigned to documents.
Approval enhancements 

  • Now schedule future publish changes on date and time
  • Allow authorised users to cancel a future change before it is published
  • Support has been added for sensitive approvals – these approvals cannot be seen by regular users via the user interface
  • The display name for entity lookups is listed on the approval screen instead of record IDs to make it much clearer what is being approved
  • Support has been added to show custom display names on approval, e.g. where an object doesn’t have a name field 
  • Approval processing has been improved which will speed up approval times
Import enhancements 

  • Bulk import feature has been moved to a background task to improve performance and stability 
  • New import feeds feature will allow users to read files via SFTP and import data on a schedule (beta) 
  • Improved import history which includes details on all imports (manual and import feed) plus a visual dashboard view 

  • A new PowerBI dashboard has been added, accessible by administrators, in the report section. This includes high level statistics on approvals, field usage, user login history and reports.
  • The PowerBI dashboard has been added as a trial to test how useful this is for our customers. In later releases the datasets can be made available so clients can configure their own dashboards.
A new ‘unique field value’ validator has been added to ensure a field only contains a unique value. This validation applied to active and pending records. 
User interface improvements

  • Make a suggestion’ has moved up to top menu.
  • Change events error number display has been replaced with a red disc indicator. This is now consistent with other error notifications, such as import feeds.
Duplicate API key 401 issue