Fundipedia adds automated workflow for product launches to its platform for investment managers


With Fundi Launch Workflow, investment managers can unify data, automate time-consuming processes, and align their product team around a shared purpose: launching products to market more efficiently and accurately than ever before.

Fundipedia, the leading master data management platform for investment managers, is expanding its suite of tools with the addition of Fundi Launch Workflow.  This latest addition to Fundipedia transforms the way product teams collaborate on the launch of new products, share classes and other product development processes.

With Fundi Launch Workflow investment managers can efficiently collaborate on the completion of tasks and collection of data related to a product launch, automate a host of time-consuming work, collect an accurate set of product data, and ultimately, reduce the time it takes to launch a new product by up to 31%.

“Product teams struggle with manual product and share class launches,” said Craig Driscoll, Fundipedia’s Director of Product. “They attempt to orchestrate the process but do not have the tools and oversight that ensures timely delivery of new products to market”.

“Several of our clients approached us with a common set of issues related to their product launch processes. We built Fundi Launch Workflow in response, providing a flexible, easy-to-use tool to document and automate their product launches.  After all, to deliver the products that investors demand at scale, teams need to run better. And to run better they need a unified and automated approach to working together.”


Aligning Teams, Accelerating Scale

Fundi Launch Workflow Joins Fundi Data Management, Fundipedia’s core offering, Fundi Reconciliation and Fundi Distribution as part of the Fundipedia platform.

With it, investment managers can:

  • Automate any product development process.   It accommodates any product development process including fund launches, share class approvals, fund mergers, fund liquidations and fund changes.
  • Create fully customised workflows. Customisable workflows automate the end-to-end launch process by controlling the collaborative collection of data, data approval and task assignment.
  • Set up delay notifications.  Actions not completed on time are automatically escalated to ensure any delays are promptly identified and dealt with.
  • Document and understand all steps for product launch. Simplifies the steps for a launch, helping team members across all departments understand and accurately complete their tasks and data entries on time.
  • Launch new products with confidence. When Fundipedia customers use Fundi Launch Workflow, they eliminate human error and reduce the time it takes to launch new products by 31%.


Run Better with Fundi Launch Workflow

Research conducted by Fundipedia found that over 60% of product teams perform duplicative work because of a lack of alignment between teams. This issue stems from the fact that product teams do not have a common documented understanding of the process to launch each type of product, nor do they have the tools to collaborate on it.

Traditionally, organisations pass a document or spreadsheet around via email – with no oversight on the overall launch process status and huge amounts of manual intervention.  Over time, this approach leaves teams stuck in silos, deeply misaligned, and overwhelmed by reactive tasks that ultimately lead to a delayed launch.

When cross department teams work together with a unified process and are equipped with the tools available in Fundi Launch Workflow, they are transformed from reactive fire-fighters into proactive friction-fighters. They gain the insights, alignment, and autonomy needed to break down silos, push product development ahead faster than ever, and ultimately, launch products to market faster.

“We use Fundi Launch Workflow to streamline our launch processes, capture new product data and get products to market without the headaches” said Head of Operations for a Global Tier 1 Asset Manager. “It gives us flexibility, saving us time, improving efficiency, and, ultimately, delivering the products our investors want to market more accurately and faster than ever before.”

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