Looking to invest in technology that will simplify your operations and help your asset management firm become more data-driven?

Perhaps we’re a bit biased, but Fundipedia would be a great fit. 

Here are five reasons we think our platform is the way to go if you want to make better use of data, ditch manual processes, and become the asset management firm everyone else aspires to be. 

1. Built-in data governance controls

One of the key mistakes firms make when implementing technology is believing it can fix data quality issues. 

Any platform, no matter how advanced, can only work with the inputs it’s given. 

So if your data is incomplete, inaccurate (for example because of a manual data entry error), or outdated — and research suggests data quality remains a challenge for many asset managers — your outputs will also be incomplete, outdated, and inaccurate. 

At Fundipedia, we’ve addressed this issue by creating a powerful set of controls that verify your data and ensure it’s always accurate and up to date, without the need for someone to physically go through every row of data line by line. 

Our data management module comes with a series of validation and verification procedures that work right out of the box.  Fundipedia comes with 1000s of rules out of the box that can be turned on according to the type of data being managed to instantly highlight where the might be data issues for zero effort.

Once the software pulls and organises your data into a hierarchy, the system runs regular checks and alerts you if it finds inconsistencies or discrepancies. And it also verifies product data you get from upstream, which means there’s no need to manually go through hundreds of csv files by hand.

During the initial implementation period, we’ll also work with you to create custom verification procedures tailored to your firm, so you can make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Crucially, you can set up multi-stage workflows for updating, approving, and disseminating documents. This means you can eliminate duplication and guarantee accuracy at scale, all while having a clear audit trail that shows you exactly what has changed, when it changed, and who has made those changes. 

2. Effortless reconciliation

Having a centralised repository of complete, accurate, trusted data you can rely on to make important decisions and comply with your reporting obligations will put your firm on a solid footing. 

But what happens when that data goes downstream?

While your data may have been 100% correct when it left your firm, mistakes can and do creep in once it’s in third parties’ hands. And because third parties aren’t always regulated, not catching these mistakes and fixing them could put you at risk of hefty fines and damage your reputation. 

With Fundipedia, you can make reconciliation a regular part of your workflow and ensure your data stays accurate, with minimal human intervention. 

Our data reconciliation module connects to third party systems — including Bloomberg, Refinitiv, FE Fund Info, and Morningstar — through an API, and compares the data they have on file with what you have internally down to individual words. 

If any data is out of sync, our First Responder feature will alert you immediately, allowing you to step in before customers can make investment decisions on the wrong data. 

Better still, you can automate as many functions as needed so reconciliation is quick and painless. And because all reconciliation events are gathered in one place, you can quickly spot patterns and get to the root cause of deeper issues. 

3. Faster product launches

According to research from consultants Alpha, manual processes are the single biggest reason product launches get delayed. 

This stands to reason. If your process relies on different departments filling out specific sections of a spreadsheet or Word document, you can quickly find yourself with multiple versions and a sea of track changes to go through, consolidate, and approve. 

And that’s if you have a well-organised written procedure and nobody goes out sick or takes annual leave.

With Fundipedia, you can pull all the data you need and collaborate on the product launch from one place. 

You can create templates for different types of products — ETFs, mutual funds, share issues, or even bespoke investment vehicles — to  give your teams a head start. And you can set up the system so that, once legal are done filling out their sections, for instance, treasury are alerted so they can get to work on theirs. 

When the process is complete, you can push out key public data downstream from the platform itself. We can also put you in touch with professional translators in any language you need — whether that’s French, Portuguese, or even Mandarin — at the click of a button.

Best of all, because all the data has been verified ahead of time, you can’t enter inaccurate information into a field. You can also schedule reconciliations to make sure the data continues to be accurate after third parties publish it. 

Many of our clients tell us the streamlined workflow and automation shave about a month off their most commonly used processes.

4. Increase operational efficiency

Manual processes aren’t just costly because they put you at risk of mistakes, reputational damage, regulatory action, and product-launch delays. They’re also extremely inefficient. 

Consultancy firm Oliver Wyman found that around 50% of asset managers’ middle and back-office costs are linked to staffing. And this is mainly because, when operational processes like data collection, reporting, and reconciliation are done manually, they literally become somebody’s full-time job. 

Using Fundipedia to automate time-consuming, low-value tasks like data verification, reconciliation, and dissemination means you won’t need to hire more people to cope with the workload. 

Instead, the staff you do have can cross these off their to-do lists more quickly and focus on what moves your business forward. Plus, because the work they spend most of their time on will be more fulfilling, they’ll be happier, more productive, and more likely to stick around.

5. Future-proof your firm


Over the past few years, regulations have become ever more complex and demanding. Not only do you need huge amounts of data to comply, but regulators increasingly want to see proof compliance programmes are actually effective

Whether it’s updating or adapting a document, getting approvals, or fixing mistakes downstream, Fundipedia leaves a clear audit trail you can use to evidence compliance. Our software also has granular access controls, so staff can only access the data they need to do their jobs and sensitive information stays confidential. 

More to the point, Fundipedia makes it easy to comply in the first place. 

Our platform comes with comprehensive data sets built-in. But you can also add new data sources on the fly and run experiments to see what works best for you and build a bespoke data bank. 

More significantly, the system populates data into the format you require — including FinDatEx, OpenFunds, and FundsXML — and updates automatically to incorporate rule changes. Which means you have the peace of mind of knowing you can stay compliant without having to spend weeks sifting through reams of paperwork, putting new frameworks in place, and training staff.

Fundipedia is powerful, comprehensive, and easy to use. But don’t take our word for it..

If you’ve read this far, we hope we’ve persuaded you to consider using Fundipedia as your trusted data management partner. 

That said, nothing beats seeing something in action for yourself. 

So why not do just that?

Book a free, no-obligation demo, and we’ll show you exactly how Fundipedia can help you create a golden source of complete, accurate data you can rely on to make important decisions with confidence, launch new products faster, and stay compliant. 

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