At Fundipedia we believe that having the right technology and using it to its full potential is a vital component of competitive advantage. We also know that, whilst it is relatively easy to buy technology, implementing it to achieve its full potential is not and, as a result, we see more and more asset managers turning to specialised managed services.

The evolution of managed services in asset management

It used to be the case that, if an asset manager were looking for a managed service, they were facing a lack of resource or skills or technology. There was a gap that needed to be plugged and managed services did this whilst keeping costs under control and keeping core asset management activities as the focus of their operations. Managed services for data and technology have, however, evolved.

A good managed service still delivers the ability to meet changing demands, to increase capacity, and gives access to specialised skills and technologies without increasing in-house resource but an enhanced managed service delivers more.

In addition to all the advantages of a traditional managed service, an enhanced one enables asset management clients to harness the full power of their technology and to leverage data, unlocking business insights and enabling the data driven decision making that is so crucial in today’s world.

Fundipedia’s Control Tower and Co-Pilot: a strategic partnership

This enhanced, next level managed service is what we aim to deliver with Fundipedia’s Control Tower and Co-pilot. Tailored to meet different needs, Control Tower and Co-pilot are more than managed services – they are partnerships that are designed to deliver fast, efficient and reliable access to our technology and to the highly skilled specialists who can get the most out of it.

“Technology on its own is just a tool – it’s how you use it that makes the real difference. Yes, our technology will transform your reporting and data management but it can do so much more. This is the beauty of our managed services – we provide our clients with state of the art technology and the specialists who understand the full extent of what the technology can do, helping clients to see the possibilities and to really innovate.”

Sherree Tibbs, Fundipedia’s Director of Operations

Control Tower’s enhanced day to day account management gives access to our expertise to deliver a range of additional services and management information that optimises data management and control. Tailored to individual business requirements, Control Tower allows clients to leverage their data, enabling data driven decisions. Co-pilot, on the other hand, delivers extra support from our specialists only when it is needed providing flexible and tailored assistance to effectively manage data projects or to provide expert emergency assistance during unexpected situations.

This combination of technology and people is the differentiating factor in our managed service offering. Our technology is recognised as being best of breed and, with decades of experience in the technology and asset management sectors, so are our specialists.

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