The Investment Association’s whitepaper, “A Blueprint for FinTech Engagement and Onboarding in Investment Management,” provides essential guidance for integrating FinTech within the investment management sector.

It delves into how both the investment management industry and the FinTech ecosystem present complex challenges but also offer substantial opportunities for growth and innovation. Collaborative efforts are essential for fostering the innovation required for firms to thrive in a rapidly evolving and competitive landscape. This is an excellent guide to use within your organisations to streamline processes, implement best practices, and enhance the speed and quality of product delivery to your clients and end investors.

FinTech Perspective: Procurement with Investment Managers

Our Managing Director, Simon, contributes to the document on pages 30-38, which addresses the specific challenges FinTech firms encounter when engaging with the traditionally cautious investment management industry.

This section underscores the lengthy sales cycles typical in interactions with investment managers, emphasising the necessity of aligning FinTech offerings closely with the strategic needs and technological frameworks of investment firms. It discusses the importance of gaining buy-in from both users and architects, the impact of organisational structures on technology adoption (highlighted by Conway’s Law), and the strategic timing of product demos to optimise engagement outcomes.

Simon also provides a detailed exploration of the procurement process, a critical area for FinTechs looking to penetrate the investment management market. He outlines what FinTechs need to evidence during procurement, including compliance with industry standards like SOC2 or ISO27001, and operational stability.  It also offers practical tips for shortening the procurement process, such as understanding the client’s buying journey, developing a strong brand, and positioning oneself as a thought leader to facilitate smoother engagements.

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