Atlas Computer Systems Ltd, The team behind Fundipedia

Atlas partnered with one of the United Kingdom’s leading fund asset management firms to help design and build Fundipedia.

What is Fundipedia?

Fundipedia is a web-based user-configurable database that has an architecture that is suited to the products of the asset management industry.

Out of the box Fundipedia is designed to accommodate funds, share classes, managers, risks and other objects that have data associated with them.

It has the capacity to store all types of information about an investment product – text, numbers, dates, images and documents and the user can add new data items at any time. The data is secure, with banking standard encryption and with users only having rights to view, edit or approve products and data items to which they have explicitly been given permission.

As much of the data is human generated, any changes to any data item go through a “four eyes” procedure and a full audit trail is maintained. The system is multi-lingual with support for all character sets, from Latin through Chinese.

Peter Drucker, a well-regarded management consultant, wrote in 1988 that: “The typical business [of the future] will be knowledge-based… the management of knowledge and information becomes a key to gaining competitive advantage.” In this regard the asset management industry is at an early stage of development, but as it matures the need for effective control and management of product information will likely become a competitive differentiator.