Automated Reconciliation

How accurate is your data across the market?

Are investors making decisions about your products based on inaccurate data?

Would regulators be satisfied that your firm has taken sufficient steps to ensure the data is accurate?

Does your team waste too much time manually checking external websites, factsheets, KIDs and other platforms to look for and fix data issues?

There’s a better way

Automated reconciliation across the market.

With Fundipedia’s automated reconciliation, you benefit from increased efficiency, less error-prone manual intervention, and reduced regulatory risks associated with manual reconciliation—providing you with the foundation for stability and growth you need to compete and scale.

Fundipedia integrates with vendors and distributors including Morningstar, FE FundInfo, Bloomberg, Refinitiv, Funds Library, and more.


The Fundipedia advantage.

The Fundipedia advantage

Wide Applicability

Integrate Fundipedia with any vendor, custodian or service provider and let it handle the reconciliation of your distributed data for you. Fundipedia supports both web and printed documentation too.Any data trapped in PDFs, such as Factsheets and KIDs can also be vetted for accuracy.

The Fundipedia advantage

Rapid deployment

Fundipedia is configured to work with the most popular vendors and distributors out of the box. No expensive or time consuming consultancy required. Authorise Fundipedia to liaise with your third parties and we’ll handle the rest for you.

The Fundipedia advantage

Uncover exceptions immediately

Fundipedia’s sophisticated First Responder feature assists the exception management process by automating as many functions as possible. Investigative tools are provided resolve exceptions effortlessly.

The Fundipedia advantage

Service delivery control

With the aid of First Responder and Fundipedia’sreporting capabilities, gain enhanced visibility into your vendors service delivery, and identify where process improvements can be achieved.

The Fundipedia advantage

See the wood for the trees

With all exceptions in one location, spot patterns and take strategic action where there are repeat reconciliation issues.

The Fundipedia advantage

Total self service

Easy to use and configure so you have total ongoing control of your reconciliation process and workflows.

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