Data dissemination on autopilot

Fundi Distribution

Set-it-and-forget-it reporting and distribution, including automated conversion to the required standard.

Fundi Distribution supports all major reporting vendors and their unique requirements.


Set-it-and-forget-it validation and verification procedures ensures data is consistently delivered accurately downstream and exceptions are automatically flagged to the relevant teams when it is not

Multiple Dissemination

Support for multiple dissemination data formats and languages along with a wide range of data distribution mechanisms and reporting standards, including API, SFTP, email, OpenFunds, FundSquare, and WM Daten

Plugs In

Plugs in to Fundi Data Management or your existing data master source.

Automatic Updates

Automatically updates to incorporate new and changing regulatory rules changes

Fundi Distribution

What you can do with it

Comprehensive dissemination data support

Fundi distribution supports an incredibly wide range of data reporting requirements including

  • NAV Time Series Data
  • Masterfile Data, Fund Onboarding
  • Portfolio Holdings, Solvency II Data
  • Documents
  • PRIIPs, MiFID II Data

Rely on Fundipedia’s experts to automatically update feeds to support evolving regulatory changes.

One source, multiple outputs
One feed of data for multiple output types using the Fundi Distribution’s unique multiple reporting standards feature. Allowing downstream recipients to receive the data in their preferred manner greatly enhances data update timeliness and correctness.

Total automation
Set and forget’ distribution technology handles data distribution for clients, including transformation to the target data standard, for example Open Funds.

Plug in effortless reconciliation
Plug in to Fundi Reconciliation to ensure that data sent downstream remains accurate following dissemination.

About us

Who we are

Fundipedia is backed by a team of technology experts, asset management industry veterans, and entrepreneurial builders. We’ve been helping the likes of Barclays, Prudential, and M&G take control of their data since 2007.

About us

Fundi Distribution

Flexible, scalable implementation model

Fundi Distribution is powered by Fundi Data Management platform or your existing data ecosystem.

Our implementation team can have you up and running in less than 12 weeks following an initial demonstration. Simply choose your downstream vendors and we will connect your data to them.

  • Delivered in an agile manner, ensuring the solution delivers value early and often using an incremental delivery model.
  • Client owned and managed but delivered Software as a Service (SaaS) so you get the best of both worlds – all the benefits of the solution and none of the technical burden.
  • Scalable, flexible infrastructure designed to easily extend the platform with additional Fundipedia products and meet your growing data needs

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