100% data accuracy, 0% effort

Fundi Compliance

Are investors making decisions about your products based on inaccurate data?

Would regulators be satisfied that your firm has taken sufficient steps to ensure the data across the market is accurate?

Automatically Reconcile

Automatically reconcile your data with any dissemination platform, including Morningstar, Bloomberg, and Refinitiv

Establish and maintain TPA SLAs

Set and forget rules to verify upstream data is sent on time within SLAs (e.g. checking to make sure a price file is generated by a TPA every 24 hours between 9am and 11am UTC)

Verify all downstream data

Verify all downstream data, including web pages, PDFs such as fact sheets and KIIDs retail publications and metadata

Quality checks on data from any upstream source

Identify any corrupt or missing data within the files provided from upstream sources

Get alerted

Get alerted when there are discrepancies in your publicly available data and documentation

Bespoke dashboards and reports

MI/dashboards highlight trends around sources of data and how accurate/timely they are over a period.

Fundi Compliance

What you can do with it

  • Comprehensive vendor support
    Integrates with vendors and distributors including Morningstar, FE fundinfo, Bloomberg, Refinitiv, Lipper, and many more.
  • Set and forget reconciliation
    Unique ‘set and forget’ distribution technology handles data reconciliation for you, including transformation to the target data standard, for example Openfunds. All your organisations’ downstream data is regularly reconciled and raises actionable exceptions.
  • You control the rules
    Your team can easily configure and manage reconciliation, including creation and oversight of workflows and rules.
  • Acts as first responder
    Intelligent automation and workflow ensures reconciliation uses less time and resources. Acts as first responder – notifying the source of data issues before escalating to your team.
  • Side by side view of the market
    Fundipedia’s unique side by side view provides a truly holistic understanding of the accuracy of your data across the entire market.
  • Web page and PDF document reconciliation support
    Fundipedia’s reconciliation solution goes beyond validating vendor data via APIs. It can intelligently read, analyse and compare data held in documents such as Factsheets, KIIDs, and prospectuses, and highlight actionable exceptions.

About us

Who we are

Fundipedia is backed by a team of technology experts, asset management industry veterans, and entrepreneurial builders. We’ve been helping the likes of Barclays, Prudential, and M&G take control of their data since 2007.

About us

Fundi Compliance

Flexible, scalable implementation model

Fundi Compliance is powered by Fundi Data Management platform or plugged into your existing data ecosystem and begin to deliver value as early as 7 days after an initial demonstration. Simply choose your downstream vendors and we will connect your data to them.

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