Complete Control

One single repository of all your fund data, your “one source of the truth”. Reduce risk associated with providing wrong data and reduce time to market.

Total Flexibility

Fundipedia gives you unlimited customisation, unlimited data fields and built in comprehensive custom reporting and fully customisable audit workflow.

Powerful Integration

Dynamic reporting and financial industry third party API integration with Morningstar, FundsLibrary and any other service APIs that you need.

Highly Accurate

Fundipedia allows you to fully customise all the data fields for your fund data information, this helps reduce data entry errors and mistakes.

Clear Auditing

Fundipedia gives you complete and comprehensive fund data history. An audit trail helps organisations meet with all current compliance and legal regulations.

Fully Automated

Fundipedia removes time consuming manual tasks like reporting, that in Fundipedia have been fully automated to send reports to third parties.

Easy to Use

Fundipedia is a web-based application that is intuitive and easy to use, reducing the need for extensive staff training and reducing the learning curve.

Time Saving

Reduce time and resources spent collating and preparing fund data for existing distributor and regulatory requirements.

Fundipedia is the complete master data management solution for the asset management industry

Fundipedia is an easy to use yet powerful web portal for the storage and management of your static data. An infinitely customisable solution, Fundipedia is configurable in order to meet your organisations’s exact data requirement.

Fundipedia takes data in from one or more sources, supporting a wide range of formats, and provides a clever yet easy to use workflow system to ensure that the correct people in your organisation have complete transparency and control. A turnkey solution for previously manual or disjointed systems and processes ensures that human error is decreased, and any inaccurate, incomplete or inconsistent data is eradicated.

Fundipedia integrates with a range of third parties straight out of the box, and due to its flexible and modular nature is capable of integrating with a wide range of additional services ensuring data is shared in a timely and organised fashion, every time.

A robust and rule driven workflow accompanied by a detailed and searchable audit log ensures that your data is subject to rigorous quality processes, and all changes are verified and their source searchable.

Fundipedia is your one single source of the truth.