Vendor Consolidation:
The compelling case for putting all your eggs in one basket.

Want to know why asset managers and servicers spend so much time and money on managing and disseminating product data?

Product data management sounds like it should be simple but in truth it is a fairly new concept for the asset management industry and often relegated to the bottom of the priority list. Multiple solutions such as spreadsheets, databases and in-house built data management systems therefore evolved across different functions within firms, duplicating the data again and again. As product data dissemination demands increased exponentially over the past few years, these imperfect solutions became unmanageable. Many asset managers and servicers have turned to external vendors to meet challenging product data dissemination requirements and ended up paying eye-watering sums for their services.

In this whitepaper we look at the risks and the significant costs that result from this disjointed approach to product data. We then outline a way forward that saves money, delivers a radically improved service and opens up possibilities for a data driven future. We look at how product data is collected and collated, how it is stored and maintained and how it is disseminated. Drawing on real life examples we demonstrate that significant on-going cash savings can be made by adopting a holistic approach to product data across the entire value chain, improving data quality and simplifying vendor relationships. We also look at other benefits of holistic data management – the opportunities and possibilities offered by having full control of your data.

So, if you want to find out how putting all your product data eggs in one basket can save you a six figure sum, read on.